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Superintendent’s Message

Superintendent Ginette Faubert

Hello and welcome to the Centre Jules-Léger website!

The Centre Jules-Léger (CJL) is a Francophone education institution under the Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch (PDSB).  For over 35 years, CJL is the only one of the five Provincial and Demonstration schools that welcomes students from the twelve French language school boards. CJL is located in Ottawa and consists of two schools, a residential service, resource services, and CJL’s administrative office.

CJL’s staff is proud of the academic progress and the personal stride of its students as well as the quality of the programs and services offered. I am pleased to provide you with some information about CJL’s programs and services:

  • Demonstration school: program for students with severe learning disabilities;
  • Provincial school for Deaf and hard-of-hearing students;
  • Resource services;
  • Advisory services to Ontario’s French language school boards in deafness, blindness and low vision as well as deafblindness;
  • Residential program for the students who meet the admission criteria;
  • Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ);
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Individual Pathway Plans;
  • Cultural animation and development of the Franco-Ontarian identity;
  • Support from multi-disciplinary team;
  • Teacher training;
  • Various partnerships with Francophone communities.

CJL offers a quality education that meets the requirements of the Ontario curriculum and the special education standards. The entire CJL staff is committed to providing the best education to the students entrusted to it and to supporting families and their district school boards.

Enjoy our website!