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Centre Jules-Léger

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Provincial School

According to Regulation 296, under the Ontario Education Act, the Provincial school at the Centre Jules-Léger offers school programs to students who are Deaf, hard of hearing, blind or deafblind, at the elementary and secondary level. The school has essentially the same curriculum that would otherwise be found in a regular school, except that the content is adapted to meet the specific needs of our students who must be exposed to a bilingual and bicultural education. At all the levels of the school spectrum, at the elementary and secondary level, a particularly committed and creative staff made up of teachers, teacher assistants and sign language interpreters provide an environment where the Langue des signes québécoises (LSQ), French and English are taught. It should be noted that the Provincial School at Centre Jules-Léger has a partnership with the Catholic school board in the area.

Provincial school for deaf or hard-of-hearing students (French only)