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Speech therapy services

The speech therapist offers a screening, assessment and clinical follow-up service to students with Learning Disabilities who have severe speech or language disorders. This specialist also provides support to the teaching staff (and sometimes to the staff of the residential program) who work with these students.

Psychology Services

In order to better understand some aspects of the student’s difficulties, either school-related or social-affective, a psychologist works with the students, suggests interventions, ensures the counselling follow-up with them. This specialist also provides support to the residence and school staff who work with the students.

Consulting Services for Resource Services

Two resource consultants will perform the educational assessment of students for whom the school boards submit an application for admission to the Program. These individuals provide support to our school team in the development of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) based on the results obtained in the educational assessments. They provide training to staff who are seconded to us by the district school boards.

Teacher-Assistant Services

The role of these individuals is to provide support to the teacher during his re-education interventions with our students with learning disabilities on their academic/social/affective path and to develop in them interpersonal conflict resolution skills.

Social Work Services

Through an individual or group approach, the social worker will help the student to regain balance following a disturbing event so that he or she may resume functioning. These approaches include interventions with the student (with his/her consent), with other students, his/her family, the teachers, the residence counselor and the staff at Centre Jules-Léger.

School-Related Activities

  • School council;
  • Student Parliament;
  • Welcoming activities;
  • Student’s portfolio;
  • Afternoon of authors;
  • Communication workshop (music and arts);
  • Cultural activities;
  • Students’ Directory;