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Jules Léger: a model

Jules Léger

The younger brother of the renowned Cardinal Paul-Émile Léger, Jules Léger, was born on April 4 at St-Anicet in the province of Quebec. After a successful diplomatic career, Jules Léger was sworn in as the Governor General of Canada on January 14, 1974 in Ottawa. Some six months later, the Right Honourable Jules Léger had a stroke and lost the ability to speak. Aided by his spouse, Gabrielle, and of a speech therapist, Véronique Le Chevalier (later associated to the Centre Jules-Léger), Mr. Léger proceeded, through a long and rigorous rehabilitation, to recover his speech. It is surely due to this exceptional determination that Jules Léger was able to resume his official duties in December 1974.

Jules Léger’s courage, determination and persistence to re-establish communication with his family and his community made him a model and an example for all those who, like him, must make tremendous efforts to maintain communication with peers, community and society at large.

That is why in 1979 we took the name of Centre Jules-Léger to designate our institution dedicated to the quality of communication in all its shapes, whether it is spoken, read, written, signed or in Braille.